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Our Story

For over six years, Carlos and Lizbeth poured their hearts into their family business, "Torres Café," nestled in the heart of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Hailing from Puerto Rico, the couple brought the vibrant flavors of their homeland to the East Coast, delighting locals with authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. Their café became a beloved community hub, where families gathered to savor mofongo, tostones, arroz con gandules, and empanadas.

One fateful year, their dedication and culinary prowess were recognized when their empanadas were voted among the top 10 Best Empanadas in the state. It was a moment of immense pride for Carlos and Lizbeth, a validation of their hard work and commitment to sharing their culture through food. The accolade brought a surge of new customers eager to taste the award-winning empanadas and experience the warmth of Sabor Boricua Café.

With each bite, patrons savored not just the flavors but also the rich history and tradition woven into every dish. Carlos and Lizbeth's café wasn't just a place to eat; it was a celebration of Puerto Rican heritage, a testament to the power of family and community. As they continued to serve their beloved empanadas, their bond with their customers only grew stronger, solidifying Torres Café as a cherished local institution in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

- Torres Cafe